Historia, ludzie, miejsca. Zeszyty budownictwa drewnianego. Volume 2

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No. 2. Farmstead of Forestry Workers from Brusiek (Zagroda robotników leśnych z Bruśka)

Piotr Rygus

The cottage from Brusiek (the district of Lubliniec ) presented at the museum’s exhibition, was inhabited in the past by a family whose members were employed in the steel industry that developed on the banks of the Mała Panew river until 1884. Interesting history of the development of metallurgy in this region, associated with Brusiek Walenty Roździeński and the Watoł family is another contribution to deepening the knowledge about the history of Upper Silesia. It may also be an incentive encouraging tourists to visit the museum, which protects and fosters the tangible heritage of our region.

ISBN 978-83-932093-2-3
170×125 mm, s. 55, 2014