Historia, ludzie, miejsca. Zeszyty budownictwa drewnianego. Volume 7

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No.7. Cottage from Frydek (nr 7. Chałupa z Frydka)

Barbara Grabny, Ewa Zacharyasz

The seventh volume of the series is devoted to the cottage from Frydek, which is now a part of an affluent peasant’s farmhouse located in the Museum in the part of the exhibition presenting the architecture of the Pszczyna-Rybnik subregion. The lack of descendants of the owners of the wooden cottage made it necessary to carry out the detailed archival inquiries. As a result of this work, we succeeded in reproducing the genealogy of the family and establishing the owners of the building.

ISBN 978-83-932093-8-5
170×125 mm, s. 63, 2015