Historia, ludzie, miejsca. Zeszyty budownictwa drewnianego. Volume 8

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No. 8. School from Wapienica (Szkoła z Wapienicy)

Dagmara Tomiczek

The eighth issue of the publication is devoted to the school from Wapienica, which was erected specifically for the purpose of this type of institution. That is why, the school as a building, is an excellent representation of small rural folk schools from the nineteenth century, which undertook the efforts of teaching and educating children and young people in the region of Upper Silesia. The function of the described facility allowed us to reflect on the unfavorable development of education in Cieszyn Silesia, delivering a broader insight into the problems of educators and students at that time.

ISBN 978-83-941769-0-7
170×125 mm, s. 64, 2015