Historia, ludzie, miejsca. Zeszyty budownictwa drewnianego. Volume 9

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No. 9. Rectory Granaries from Warszowice and Pilchowice (nr 9. Spichlerze plebańskie z Warszowic i Pilchowic)

Piotr Rygus

The ninth issue of the series focuses on two rectory granaries. When admiring their structures and exploring their history, it is worth remembering that they are one of the few objects of this type that have survived in Upper Silesia to our times. By the end of the 19th century it became common to store stock and tools in attics and storage chambers, which resulted in the disappearance of freestanding granaries.

ISBN 978-83-941769-1-4
170×125 mm, s. 46, 2015