Proza folklorystyczna u progu XXI wieku. Part 2

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Series: Monographs and Materials 2 (Monografie i Materiały 2)

Folk stories, no matter whether it would be the transferred into the realm of belief and folklore interpretation of history folk tale, the being the transmission of life experience memoir, or the relieving social tensions and being the answer to the unknown contemporary legend, are extraordinary examples of the art of words and the creative potential of man. Furthermore, folk stories are also an example of a way of dealing with many social and psychological problems. Unreflectively, almost unconsciously created and transmitted they perform important functions – they educate, warn, inform, compensate and entertain. They largely represent the common knowledge of modern man. The material presented in this publication, covering three genres of folklore prose – a folk tale, a memoir and a contemporary legend, was collected during interviews conducted in the years 1999-2004 in the area of Dąbrowa Basin.

ISBN 978-83-7164-758-1
235×160 mm, s. 338, 2013