A series of museum classes “Four seasons in open-air museum” – annual rites.


Marzanna i gaik

Group classes concerning making a traditional straw effigy of Marzanna and gaik. The rituals associated with scaring the winter away. Lesson for preschool and school children.


Easter customs

Spring holidays in the old village. Learn how to create traditional Easter eggs. Lesson for preschool and school children.


St. Andrew’s Eve Fortune-Telling Games

Autumn work in the countryside and common fortune-telling using wax and many more. Lesson for preschool and school children.


Preparations for Christmas

Christmas preparations and making straw and nut decorations. Lesson for preschool and school children.


Open-air lectures and classes in historic buildings


Classes in the old school building

Slates, an inkwell and a sack filled with pea. How the old school is different from the modern? Lesson for school children.


„A piece of bread will not fall from heaven”

Stories concerning bread combined with baking. Classes for people of all ages.


 Group cooking in the open-air museum

Silesian dumplings and bread soup – we save traditional Silesian recipes from falling into oblivion showing the youngest how joyful cooking together can be. Classes for people of all ages are held at the museum inn.


Little Ethnographer

What is an ethnographic museum? How are wooden houses moved to the museum? Where did the lost exhibits hide? Museum classes for children at early school age.


Beads of sheep’s wool

Classes dedicated to elementary school pupils and all those who would like to learn how to make felt decorations. During the classes we will also visit sheep and the fulling mill – the countryside cloth factory.


Legends about the mill and the windmill

During the classes, children will discover the secrets of an old windmill and water mill, learn how to make flour and see the most untypical ways of usage of flour. Classes for preschool and school children.


Marysia and Janek invite you to the countryside

What did they eat, what games did they play and where were the children sleeping in old countryside? Stories combined with fun.


With compass through the region of Upper Silesia

Field games with involving a compass and map.

Classes for secondary school students.


The Peasants (Volume 1 – Autumn) by W. Reymont – against a backdrop of old architecture originating from the 19th-century Upper Silesian village

Lesson for upper secondary school students.


NOTE !!!

Taking into account the interests of children and adolescents as well as the curricula, we have prepared for you a new, attractive educational offer that will enhance your knowledge of our region, enable you to acquire new skills, and remind you of old traditions and customs. The workshop nature of the classes will develop not only the imagination, but also the manual skills of their participants!


What do the grandpa and grandma need a greater for?

Children visiting the countryside will be able to do some traditional farm works on their own. They can try to shake the butter in the churn, launder with the use of washboard and grind the grain using the traditional querns.


Guided tours, tailored to the needs of the blind and sight impaired visitors

We invite you to an unusual tour, where the blind and sight impaired will be able to learn about the world of the old Silesian village by the sense of touch.