Below there is a current list of events for 2017.


December 17th – Christmas Eve in Silesia

Presentation of customs related to Christmas. Workshops concerning making traditional Christmas decorations, festive decoration of houses and churches. An event giving an opportunity to taste traditional Christmas dishes of the region of Silesian and Silesian Beskids. A fair featuring handicrafts, performances of carol singers and a living nativity scene.

October 1st – Festival of Potato

Presentation of autumn field and farm works, including: potato lifting and feathers plucking. Contests and games. As each year in one of the farmsteads there will be prepared a demonstration of a complete cycle of making sauerkraut.

September 24th - Animals in the farmyard

Presentation of animals working in cooperating with people. Exhibitions of pigeons, poultry and rabbits. The show presenting shepherd dogs herding sheep and geese.

September 17th - Bandits and brigandage

Participants will learn about the story of the most famous bandits s from Upper Silesia including Pistulka and Eliasz. Reconstruction of a traditional robbery. Exhibition of outfits, drawings and graphics referring to the traditions of brigandage. Fun and games for visitors.

September 2nd- 3rd – Kazimierz Grzeskowiak Festival of Polish Song 'Południca'

A two-day event where we will hear songs inspired by the works of the deceased artist. Concerts, contests. Star Performances.

August 27 – Festival of Harvest

Presentation of harvesting customs, harvesting procession, party. Harvest shows, milling work demonstrations, history of milling.

August 26th - Theater in the farmstead

August 13th - Festival of Herbs

Promotion of the subjects related to the cultivation of herbs and their application in the kitchen, medicine and cosmetics. History of herbal medicine. Contests and games.

July 30th - Fair of Traditional Products

Shows and promotion of traditional Silesian dishes and regional products, combined with fair and folk bands shows.

July 22nd-23rd - House Full of Blues

The event is organized by the Municipal Cultural Center “Batory” in Chorzów, the Chorzów Association of Music Lovers in Chorzów, the DELTA Publishing and Event Agency and the Museum “Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park in Chorzów”. Another edition of the international, outdoor blues band review.

July 16th - Festival of Honey

Demonstration of traditional ways of obtaining honey. History of bartering, “Live Apiary”, lectures, shows. Fair of honey and apiary, honeys from all over the country.

July 9th - Breweries and illegal stills

Demonstration of brewing and presentation of various kinds of beer. Lectures, drinking songs. Lectures on species of hops and ways of their growing. As each year on the premises of the museum there will be reconstructed an illegal still in the forest.

July 1st-2nd Festival of Travel Songs

Discussion on traditions related to the topic of migrant beggars (wandering beggars) and their religious and moralizing songs.

June 24th - St. John's Night

Feast of fire, water and herbs. Bonfire festival of the shortest night of the year, with the demonstration of typical for these festival customs and games, including: searching for fern flower, sending wreaths down the river.

June 11th – Children in the countryside

Performances of children groups, plays and games of the countryside, including: kicking hacky sack, cap races, hare and hounds. Tales about the life of children living in the countryside, their daily duties and pastime activities. Rural field game.

June 3rd-4th - Christian knights convention

An event organized by the city of Chorzów and the Brotherhood of Knights of the Holy Sepulchre of Chorzów, within the framework of the “Days of Chorzów”. Participated by knight brotherhoods from all over Poland. Tournaments and shows.

May 28th - PreIndustriada

Announcement of PreIndustriada – the Festival of the Technological Monuments Route.

May 20th-21st – The Long Night of Museums

The theme of the Long Night of Museums will be Silesian demons and bogeymen. Guests will enter the magical world of Silesian folk tales.

May 14 - Crafts Day

Presentation of ancient crafts including pottery, wickerwork, weaving, woodcarving, smithing. Demonstrations of former housework including: whipping of butter in a churn, laundering on a washboard and mangling.

May 1 - Silesian Wedding

An event organized by the Upper Silesian Union (Związek Górnośląski) and the Culture Centre of Chorzów (Centrum Kultury w Chorzowie). Church Fair and the Holy Mass.

April 2nd - Easter in Silesia

Presentation of spring and Easter customs. Workshops: making Easter palms, decorating eggs in batik technique, making Easter decorations. Contest for the most beautiful effigy of Marzanna. Lectures about traditions associated with the Holy Week and Easter. For children “looking for the Easter bunny” contest. Easter cuisine.



The Organizer reserves the right not to be held liable for any events being an obstacle in holding events in a proper way that the Museum could not foresee or which could not be prevented properly, in particular in the case of occurrence of fortuitous events, including force majeure.