We invite you to take advantage of the commercial offer. We present the range and price list of available services below:


Access to the premises of the museum:

  • “Small Meadow” (total area of 748 square kilometers):  4,920 PLN per day + admission ticker: 6 PLN per person
  • “Large Meadow” (total area of 2,080 square kilometers):  7,380 PLN per day+ admission ticker: 6 PLN per person
  • access to the entire premises of the museum: 15,000 PLN per day + admission ticker: 1 PLN per person
  • access to the cottage from Strzemieszyce or the granary from Wojkowice Kościelne: 800 PLN per day
  • access to the part of the premises of the museum, e.g. access to a meadow or chosen farmstead: start at 500 PLN for an area of 200 square kilometers
  • stage rental (without sound system aid):   2,460 PLN per day


Ad space rental:

  • banner ad: 500 PLN per month
  • a stall with promotional materials during the outdoor event: 200 PLN per day
  • visual advertising during the event (roll-up, banners, etc.): 100 PLN per day


Additional attractions to choose among when organizing a commercial event (targeting at companies) at the Museum:

  • Organization of a “Farm” during the event (buttering, milking of artificial cows and goats): 1,000 PLN/ up to 8 hours
  • Rental of an artificial cow and goat – 600 PLN per day
  • With service – 800 PLN / up to 8 hours
  • Workshop concerning baking podpłomyk (a simple kind of flat bread, often made without yeast) on the open-fire – 150 PLN per hour
  • Class in the old school – 100 PLN per hour (up to 25 people can take part in a single class)
  • Presentation of a miller’s work – 100 PLN per hour (up to 30 people can participate in the show simultaneously)
  • Felt workshop – 150 PLN per hour (up to 20 people can participate in the workshop at one time)
  • Guided-tours – 100 PLN per hour (1 guide, groups up to 30 people, duration of the tour depends on visitors’ needs, from 30 minutes to one hour)


10. Other services -according to individual arrangements