§ 1

General Information


1. The valid opening days and hours of the Museum are presented at the entrance to the ticket office and published on the website: www.muzeumgpe-chorzow.pl.
2. Admission to the Museum is possible only after the purchase of the admission ticket, at least one hour before the closing of the Museum.
3. Visiting the exhibition is possible individually or in groups, with or without a guide.
4. The admission and stay in the Museum is forbidden to people:
A. carrying a weapon or any other life- or health-threatening items,
B. behaving aggressively or in any other way threatening the safety of other people and property, disrupting the public order and violating (despite the warning) the provisions of the following terms and conditions.


§ 2

Visiting the exhibition


1. Guests can visit the exhibition by moving only on designated for this purpose routes.
2. Brought to the Museum dogs should be led on a leash and, if required by safety considerations, in a muzzle.
3. Use of a bicycle or scooter is possible only on asphalt roads.
4. Photographing and filming of exhibitions for private purposes does not require separate permission from the Museum and is free of charge, except for wedding photo sessions, for which the fee is charged according to the price list.
5. Visitors to the Museum are forbidden to:
A. smoke cigarettes and use open fire except for places designated for this purpose (area by the inn, bonfire),
B. feed the animals kept in the museum’s pens (except for the designated hours and places designated for that purpose, and with food purchased at the museum);
C. start machines, facilities and tools collected within the premises of the museum without permission of the tour guide or supervisor,
D. pick fruits and plants growing in farmstead gardens,
E. bring in and consume alcohol.
6. Due to the nature of the exposure (low ceilings, high thresholds, steep stairs) and weather condition, the museum’s visitors should exercise extreme caution.


§ 3

Final provisions


1. All remarks may be reported at the Museum’s administrative seat or by phone dialing phone no. +48 32 450 27 04 to 06 ext. 236 within the Museum’s opening hours.