Texts qualified for the Museum “Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park in Chorzów” are divided into three sections: articles / studies, materials / concepts and reviews / comments. We accept only original texts, that were not published in any other journal and received the positive opinion of two indicated by the editors reviewers. Authors and reviewers do not know their identity. The review has a written form.


The list of the reviewers in 2013-2021 includes: Prof. Rafał Eysymontt, Prof. Maciej Fic, Prof. Wacław Gojniczek, Prof. Zygmunt Kłodnicki, Prof. Anna Kwaśniewska, dr Małgorzata Marcinkowska-Swojak, Prof. Leonard Ogierman, Prof. Maria Popczyk, Prof. Tomasz Rokosz, Prof. Katarzyna Smyk, Prof. PhDr., DrSc. Rastislava Stoličná, Prof. Elżbieta Szot-Radziszewska, Prof. Anna Węgrzyniak.


Please send the articles to the e-mail address: dumin@muzeumgpe-chorzow.pl, along with information about the author: academic title, interests, workplace, address and email address. The content should also include information about affiliation. After receiving the initial acceptance (based on the thematic, substantive, linguistic and formal criteria), the paper version, together with the above information and the author’s statement, should be sent to the following address: Muzeum „Górnośląski Park Etnograficzny w Chorzowie”, ul. Parkowa 25, 41-500 Chorzów, with the annotation Rocznik MGPE.


Deadline for submitting the texts is 31 January.


The journal is indexed on the JCR list (The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland granted the journal with 5 points).


In the case of linguistic and formal deficiencies and in connection with the comments of the reviewers, the editorial office will ask the author to proofread the text and send it within a specified period of time. We further reserve the right to make corrections resulting from language requirements and editorial policies. The editorial board does not send back texts unpublished due to a negative reviewer’s opinion, non-compliance with editorial requirements, etc. Authors of the texts published in the Journal of the Museum “Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park in Chorzów” do not received royalty payment. However, they receive one copy of the issue of the journal in which their article was published.


In order to prevent ghostwriting and guestauthorship, authors are obliged to give a percentage share of their actual contribution to the creation of the article, the names of the contributors, the names of the authors of the concept, the names of the authors of applied methodology, the authors of the field researches, and others. The required information should be attached to the author’s statement and to the submitted text. Any violations of ethics and scientific misconduct will be disclosed.


For detailed information on editorial requirements, review form and author’s statement form, please see the attachments.


Files to download

Yearbook – review form

Yearbook – author’s statement

Yearbook – editorial requirements